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Congratulations! You are now a student of the Russian University of Transport RUT (MIIT)!

Here we have gathered for you all the most important and useful information in one guide.

Registration of the pass card

on the campus of the university

Issuance of student cards to the students

who did not receive them at general meetings

Student cards for international students are issued in room 1301

How do I get a Muscovite Social Card?

Foreign students are also able to receive this card.

It requires:

To Be a full-time student
Come to room 1301 with your student ID card / record book
In room 1301 you need to order a certificate that proves that you are a student of RUT (MIIT)
When it will be ready, pick it up at the same room
Go to the nearest «My Documents» office with your passport and registration
If there are no pages in Russian – notarized translation of the passport into Russian
Apply for the card at any branch of «My Documents» according to the chosen office
Pick up the card when you are notified that it is ready

How do I start using a Science and Technology Library?

To obtain a library card you need to apply to

to the academic library of your institute

Before you start, please read the following «Terms of use of STL»

When applying for a library card, you must have:

One photo 3x4

How to work with your personal cabinet and EIEE

Access credentials are issued upon enrollment according to the following ways:

When registering on the University’s website to apply for admission online.

The requisites are sent to the specified e-mail address

In paper form when submitting documents in person

at the University Admissions Office
Electronic information and educational environment or EIEE 
(In Russian - Электронная информационно-образовательная среда or ЭИОС)
It is designed to organize and support the educational process for the implemented educational programs.
The main element of the electronic environment is the Personal Web Office - a secure Internet service designed to provide information personally to each student, teacher, or employee of the University.
Within the electronic environment, you can form your portfolio, view your curriculum, results of interim control and sessions, and chat with your teacher.
To gain access to the EEIS, follow the instructions for gaining access to your personal account.

How to restore access to your personal cabinet?

To regain access, please contact the Study department located at the room


Building 1, 3rd floor

How to work with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and student’s mail?

All RUT (MIIT) employees, professors and students can use MS Teams application and MS 365 tools under the RUT (MIIT) corporate license.

Access details can be found in your personal cabinet in the «About Me» tab (Обо мне)
In case of problems (no credentials, can't log in), you need to report it to the email
Please specify in the email your full Name and Surname, Date of birth and the Login to your personal cabinet.
When registering in MS 365 system, a mail is automatically created in the domain
Access details are the same as for an MS 365 account.

Where do I get a receipt for my tuition fees?

You can find the receipt for payment of tuition fees in your personal cabinet

If you haven’t found a receipt, you can go to room 1302 (Visa department)

Payment of scholarships to foreign citizens

Scholarships are awarded to foreign citizens who are enrolled on a full-time budgetary basis by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and are credited on a full-time budgetary basis.

For more information about increased scholarships and other payments made to international students, contact the dean's office at your institution.


For the entire duration of your studies, the dormitories become your second home, but still this as a place where you also need to follow the rules.
Please read the rules of accommodation in the RUT (MIIT) dormitories.

Where can I get a receipt for my dorm?

The receipt for payment for the dormitory can be found in your personal cabinet in the «My Dormitory» section, in the «Payment Notification» tab.
If you do not have a receipt, ask your dormitory manager

Important for study

Class Schedule

The schedule can be found

at the information board near your educational department

or on the RUT (MIIT) website, where you need to enter your group number (you can see it in your personal account in the «My Study» (Моё обучение) tab) or select it from the list and download the schedule in .pdf

Important note

Class schedules are subject to significant change, so you should check the website for the current schedule on the date of the class
The student is obliged to attend all classes

Class schedule time

The Russian University of Transport has a modular system of classes

On even and odd weeks, the schedule may differ

September 1
The odd (the first) week will begin

September 5

Even (the second) week will begin

and so on...

80 minutes
Single class duration

Control measures

Current control of academic progress
is conducted to evaluate the progress of the educational program and its components
Interim attestation
is conducted for the purpose of evaluating intermediate and final learning outcomes

Interim assessments take place at the end of a semester.

(In forms of examinations and end of term tests)

If a student receives a grade of

«failed», «unsatisfactory» or «failure to appear»

it is necessary to urgently contact the academic department to organize the procedure of elimination of debts.

Students are obliged to eliminate the debt at the repeated interim examination.

A full-time student has the opportunity to eliminate the debt within two months from the beginning of the next semester on the dates established by the educational department.

If the student has not eliminated debts during the repeated interim certification, he or she is subject to expulsion.

What if…?

Where can I get or order a certificate of education?
International office
You can order this certificate by mail, by phone number given on the page «Admission of foreign citizens», or in person in room 1301, as well as pick it up when ready.
Where can I get my transcript and student ID?
International office
In our Study department, room 1301
Where can I find out if I've been accepted to a university?
International office
To do this, you will need to go to you
personal cabinet to «My Orders» section
When does the enrollment order come out?
International office
You can find out all information about enrollment dates in your personal account in the «Enrollment» section
How do I know what my chances of admission are?
International office
Where can I pay for my education?
International office
Basic payment information is posted in your personal account, but if it is not available, you can go to room 1414-2 in person and get a printed receipt of payment
Procedure of admission of foreign citizens

Information on the admission procedure for foreign citizens

requiring a Visa

I am applying on…

Information on the admission procedure for foreign citizens,

not requiring a visa

All students who come from CIS (СНГ) countries are admitted as part of the general competition.

You can apply and take the exams online and in person

  • Belarus
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Armenia
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • DNR
  • LNR
  • PMR
  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan

On-stage performance group

Cultural center
of Russian university of transport
Address: Novosuschevsky Lane 6c1
Contact: +7 962 500-69-91 (Sabina)
A virtual tour of the Cultural center of RUT (MIIT)

Career Center

The RUT (MIIT) Career Center is a structural subdivision of the Russian Transport University responsible for career navigation of students and graduates, as well as building relationships between employers and students.

The Center is responsible for the future careers of students and graduates: «from the first year we help them understand what they need to do today to be in demand as a professional tomorrow»

Career counseling, internships, first jobs, introductions to employers, company tours, trainings and career events are all waiting for you at the Career Center. Here you can get help with developing your labor market skills and finding a job.

What the Center can help me with:

Helping me create a resume and prepare a cover letter
Finding appropriate jobs or internships
Conducting training sessions and master classes to develop supra-professional skills
Attend meetings with employers
Visit company tours

Our social media and contacts

Sign up and keep up with the latest news about events, meetings, and jobs

Julia Viktorovna Erofeeva
Director of the Center

Maria Maksimovna Petrova


Anna Olegovna Leonova


Social media

Contacts of the Department of International Relations

Study department

(Office for the Admission of Foreign citizens)

Visa department

(Migration registration)