I am applying online

Register on the website
Wait for a call or an email from cmam_miit@mail.ru to clarify the date of entrance exams from the Study department
Take the entrance exams on the dates of my choice and apply for admission before those dates
Wait for the release of the order in my personal cabinet
In case of successful enrollment, take a PCR (Covid-19) test 48 hours before crossing the border in your country (even if vaccinated) and within 48 hours after arriving in Russia
Go to room 1301 (Study department) and register your admission
After completing the registration go to room 1302 (Visa department) where you need to apply the documents for completion of Insurance (DMS)
If I need a dormitory and it is provided
  • Dormitory accommodation is guaranteed for students who are admitted through the state and enrolled on a full-time budgetary basis.
  • Students enrolled on a full-time, fee-paying basis are provided with a dormitory at the discretion of the committee.
  • If the committee decided that you were not provided with a dormitory, see the section «If I do not need a dormitory».
Within 3 working days after crossing the border in room 1302 (Visa department) you need to receive the migration registration
Now I can move into the dormitory from August 29

If I do not need a dormitory

Or if it was not provided by the committee's decision

Within 3 working days after crossing the border you need to get the migration registration at the place of residence
After registering at the place of residence, I take a copy of the registration to room 1302 (Visa department)