I have been allocated.
Wait for a referral and visa order from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Go with the visa order to the consulate or embassy of the Russian Federation to get a single entry visa

1. Get a single-entry visa to enter the Russian Federation

2. Inform about the date of your arrival to the mail cmam_miit@mail.ru

3. Take a PCR (Covid-19) test 48 hours before crossing the border

After arriving in Russia, take a PCR (Covid-19) test (within 48 hours)

Go to room 1301 and register your admission

(Study department)

Apply your Documents
in room 1302 for completion of Insurance (DMS) and multiple entry visa

Register for migration registration in room 1302

Get a multiple-entry visa in room 1302
Now I can move into the dormitory from August 29